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Would You Say Advertising Is A Way To Lie Legally? Would You Say Advertising Is A Way To Lie Legally?

Bronze medal Reporter Natchez Posted 24 Jan 2020
Would You Say Advertising Is A Way To Lie Legally?

“Advertising is legalized lying”-H.G.Wells

What are advertisements for? How does it impact the viewers? Promoting and marketing the goods in the market and services provided by different brands are advertisements. It is obvious that these advertisements have given huge revenue to companies globally and has encouraged consumerism along with the rapid growth of the economies worldwide. The main aim of advertising is to reach the consumers of different segments or to that particular segment and give awareness to other consumers about such a product.

Various products are advertised according to the requirements of the targeted population and it is so designed that it strikes a chord in the minds of the consumers. Advertising is the most significant method of marketing products of a brand. So the marketing departments of companies make sure that the quality of the advertisements is maintained so that no rules are violated nor the viewers are misled.

To create good commercials, the advertisers do extensive research to understand the market and do advertisements as per the research done along with the creativity in the advertisements and produce within the budget given. Mark Twain said:” Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising .”

The major advantage of advertisements is that companies and organizations are able to grow, develop and expand itself. But this mode of marketing has to be used wisely in order for it to be productive. Consumers become aware of different products available for the same use through this and it is left to their decision on what brands they are going to select.

Strict guidelines are provided and advertisers are required to compulsorily adhere to the given rules and regulations. But it cannot be guaranteed that all advertisers will stick to these regulations. Few might stray off from the given guidelines. As David Ogilvy said:

“Some manufacturers illustrate their advertisements with abstract paintings. I would only do this if I wished to conceal from the reader what I was advertising.”

Advertisements that create an impact on the viewers in terms of strong messages, right information tend to stay longer than those which mislead the people through far fetched information about their products which can have a negative effect on the company and their products. William Bernbach opined “The most powerful element in advertising is the truth .” So, we can agree that in general,” Advertising is legalized lying “, as said by H.G.Wells.


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