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family law question. Please helpfamily law question. Please help

Family »Posted 1 Sep 2019 Post Answer

legal question I am asking this question for a friend who can ask this herself. I would be grateful for your help

My friends husband had married a qadyani girl 8 months ago and had become a qadyani. Now few months ago he realised his mistake and after tobah became a Muslim again. He gave divorce to qadyani girl and now wants to marry her Muslim wife again (as nikkah with Muslim wife had become void after he became qadyani). Please advice with regards to this situation about

1) what legal procedure should be followed to ensure that divorce deed with qadyani wife is registered as the nikkah was not registered with union council? The union council is refusing to accept the divorce deed as they say nikkah Nama was not submitted to union council
2) Also what legal precautions should my friend take to protect herself in future when doing nikkah with Ex-husband to prevent any problems in future?

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