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getting divorce from abusive partner and to get child custodygetting divorce from abusive partner and to get child custody

Family »Posted 22 Mar 2014 Post Answer

legal question Im currently living in being in very abusive relation with my husband foe more than three yeaes now I reported once to police aswell but I didnt find them helpful.I also had a two years old that my husband gt married to his mistress and bring her home the situation is gone continously suffering from emotional verbal and physical abuse.all my family is in pakistan and they adviced me to come back with my son and then from there we ll apply for divorce and child custody. My question is will I be able to win my child custody while in pakistan? What will happen if my husband file case of child abduction against me? I gt evidence of his n his family violence against me .can u plz advice me of what to do I feel so helpless.

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