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how to   get  transcript  ofmy 999 call to police and police interviewhow to get transcript ofmy 999 call to police and police interview

Criminal »Posted 27 Sep 2014 Post Answer

legal question i was wrongly arrested and kept overnight at the police station for
false imprisonment and assaulting my 28 year old neighhour in my 67 year old . we were the one who phoned 999 in the neighbours presence ( my husband said he is beating my wife come quick
etc soon he left as he realised the police would arrive,however he must have phoned as well when police arrived they went to him first and without talking to me properly giggled made fun of me .they ignored my bruises.and arrested me.the police investigation did not upheld my complaint and i want to take civil action agaist them. the arresting officers statements as quoted in my police interview and the investigation report are contradictory.the transcript of the interview would prove they were lying. how can i get i? do they destroy it after some time ? can they destroy it to remove the evidence.? ill win the case if i get it.999 police transcript would prove how desperate my hubbby was to call the police but they didnt talk to him.can i get it as december 14 it would be 1 year to my arrest.can i also get the police logbook detail( i think its recorded by the booking officer).

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