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I need my original Nakha nama Family 22 Feb 2019

Hi I've got married in mirpur azad kashmir and my marriage has come to end know I've recently applied for English and ISLAMIC Divorce but because of my...


International Prisoner Transfer - US to Germany International Law 13 Feb 2019

Dear Sirs, I write in the hope of gaining your specialist opinion in a matter relating to the International Prisoner Transfer process. My partner...


can i leave my debts in the uk and leave the country Business 31 Jan 2019

Hi I have been in the living in the uk for about 18 years. i have fallen on a few bad years, i am not well and my debts are now in the area of 15000. Do...

Absolutely not. Not unless you have a bussiness transcript to pay off sufficient given in evidence to pay back the demanded settlement figuresView

Family law property dispute Property 24 Dec 2018

Can a grandson claim his grand father s property after the death of his grand father? Bear in mind there are other grand children too and grand father...


discrimination at work ANY 16 Dec 2018

Can my employer discriminate against me having time off due to child care issues

No shouldn't be scheduled or permitted as family comes firstView

think this is a scam using your name and company ANY 13 Dec 2018

think someone using you as a scam. I recieved the following by Facebook. :( Greeting...


Loss of financial personally in the forced closure of my trading accou ANY 6 Dec 2018

I suffer from cancer and trade contracts for difference to make ends meet. Recently my provider closed my account benefitting from financial positions...



Scam I will try to paraphrase the situation, a law firm who I have paid to recoup money stolen from me by a Binary fraud set up has \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"supposedly...


Impending divorce proceedings Family 23 Oct 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I'm contacting you in respect of getting some advice in regards to impending divorce proceedings taking place in Sweden, Between my...

i think there are 2 laws involved here : uk law and Swedish law. since she is swedish and her matrimonial home is in uk, uk law is applicable. you want...View

My daughter in uk, facing harassment and her husband server her Divorc Civil 12 Oct 2018

My daughter shifted to UK 12 months back to UK, along with Husband her 6 yrs daughter . Her husband continuously harassing torturing my daughter for last...

in case of harassment and threatening your daughter cn take the help of uk police. file a threatening case against husband and get him arrested. you send...View

civil union enquiry for foreign nationals Civil 2 Oct 2018

hello... i would like to know how a same sex couple who are not south african nationals can travel to south aftica for the purpose of a civil union?...


No Impediment certificate for portugal national in England Family 30 Sep 2018

i am portuguese national where i can apply for No Impediment certificate in london?


Interracial Marriage Family 15 Sep 2018

Does the marriage law (UK) arrange about interracial marriage? British married with non British (Asian) What should they do for their marriage? Please...



Who is the Heirs in interracial marriage? Specially in UK. According to English law. It better if you could mention where i find the rules Example a...


divorce violence childless short marriage Family 10 Sep 2018

can you file divorce in india? UK citizen married in India to Indian citizen. Wife physically financially abusive, arrested in UK . visa cancelled. returned...


18th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Materials Science Environmental 5 Sep 2018

Dear Sir Greetings from NanoMat 2019!! We solicit your presence as our eminent Speaker to 18th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Materials...


Money worry have no money if he leavs ANY 8 Aug 2018

My husband is thinking of leaving me I am disabled and get pips and working tax .if he left me Whote money will I get


Advice on what I should and what case they have against me Criminal 22 Jun 2018

I was caught stealing a jacket at work...but they said there was money in it but there wasn\\\'t? What case would they have against me


Data Protection Rules ANY 22 May 2018

My sister is an NRI. She called her bank main office to find out the exchange rate from INR to GBP. The local bank manager, who usually handles her account...


required court appearance Family 22 May 2018

Hello... I wonder if you could help me please.. Im in England but have received a summons for a safety order by the district court in Arklow .I have...


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