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what rights do i have if this (below) is the casewhat rights do i have if this (below) is the case

Family »Posted 14 Oct 2011 Post Answer

legal question hi, basically my mother and father both wrote a will stating that their property which they both own out right would be sold and then they money from that would be shared equally between me and my other 5 siblings, but sadly my father has passed away and i now believe my mother has changed her will, i belive its now either \" that the house is sold and all the money goes to 1 sibling (i also believe this sibling has persuaded her to do this) or that the house be sold and all my 5 sibling have the money shared between them with me having nothing\" if either of these are true, where do i stand? do i have ANY rights at all? please help, any advice very much welcome, thanks from Charlene

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